sabato 27 luglio 2013

Week in pics #2

 #1. Outfit for a little project I'll show you after my holidays. A cute and fresh dress, a denim jacket, a pair of wedges and lots of bracelet. Sorry for the mess in my room, that's usual!

#2. A friend of mine is now a mum :) And that's my present for her new baby. So sweet.

#3. I love breakfast and I love changing it every morning. So, black coffee with digestive biscuits and then a cup of bran with my (yessss, my own produced!) tasting!

Sorry guys, this is just for italian people!
Ragazze, per chi ancora non l'avesse fatto, partecipate al GIVEAWAY organizzato da me e Valentina!

A big hug,

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Alle 27 luglio 2013 10:03 , Blogger Fabiola Tinelli ha detto...

Non è mica male l'idea di fragole e cereali, devo provare! Bello il vestitino!

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