giovedì 10 ottobre 2013

Week in pics #4

 1# Owl case for my tablet. 2# Night out, it was still summer:(
3# New in:) 4# Outfit for a wedding.

 5# First day of MFW. 6# Thinking.
7# Outfit for MFW. 8# Books to read after my exams:)

 9# White rose for my love:) 10# Yessss, now going to the gym, proud of me:)
11# Turin in the morning light. 12# Sophia Webster at MFW.

13# Cool and big picture by Ikea. 14# Stuff for my room.
15# Breakfast with tea and ginger snaps. 16# My wonder and her big friend.

A big hug,

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2 Commenti:

Alle 10 ottobre 2013 19:16 , Blogger Fabiola Tinelli ha detto...

Bellissimo l'abitino a fiori e le scarpe di Sophia Webster!

wildflower girl
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Alle 14 ottobre 2013 22:02 , Blogger The Adventures of a Shopaholic ha detto...

Ho fatto lo stesso post sul mio blog! Grazie del follow, anche io ti seguo <3


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