giovedì 14 novembre 2013

Need of white.

Back from Milan, where I attended an interesting course taught by Carla Gozzi. It was amazing, I learnt so many things and I was so glad to meet her.
So, yes, this was the course I was speaking about some time ago :)
And now I'm trying to become a good personal shopper and style consultant thanks to all the good advices Carla gave me. Finger crossed!!

During these days I'm just thinking about me, my future and to keep on doing what I love the most. It's a bad period for me and a couple of times I thought about giving up with my blog, my passion and everything I built during these years. Well, right now I'm sure I won't do that. It's my life, it's my passion and a promise made to my dad came to my mind. He told me never to give up, not to stop dreaming and to believe in my passion, always. And he comes before anyone else. So, here I am. With my need of tranquility, of peace, of calm. My need of white. 

Just one more thing: I'm thinking of writing my blog just in English, it's easier for me and I love it more. What do you think? Italian readers, are you ok with my decision? Please, let me know :)

A big hug,

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Alle 15 novembre 2013 00:12 , Blogger Fabiola Tinelli ha detto...

Io preferisco leggere i post anche in Italiano ma capisco sia una scelta personale!

wildflower girl
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Alle 19 novembre 2013 00:46 , Blogger Kika ha detto...

Ciao, ti ho appena assegnato una tripletta di premi, vieni a ritirarli :)


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